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ArkivDigital's image database is a precious resource for genealogy researcher that has their ancestors in Sweden. The image database consists of about 210 000 historical books, documents and records or 90 million digital color images of Swedish church records, estate inventories, court records, tax/census records and other historical records. We use modern technology to digitalize the records directly from the original books and we extend the image database with more than 600 000 color images each month.

ArkivDigital offers an online subscription service called ArkivDigital online, where you can get access to the entire image database via the Internet.

To get an overview of our image database, read the Coverage Table [PDF].

Below you can search our database and see exactly what volumes are available. You can search for the county to obtain all archive holders (for example, parish name, the District's name etc) contained in the respective counties, or you can search directly on the archive holder's name. Note that you have to use correct Swedish spelling when searching.

You can also use the list of counties (län) to the right to find available volumes and parishes. The county pages contain an overview of what type of records is available for each county.



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