Population Register 1941 (Mantalslängd)

On ArkivDigital you will find population registers (mantalslängder) for 1941. These records can be helpful in researching an area where the congregation records or vital records are not published online because of Swedish privacy regulations.

As of March 4, 2014, the 1941 population registers for all counties except Stockholm are available in ArkivDigital’s online library. Population registers for Stockholm County have been photographed and will be published online in the near future.

Most of these records are typewritten so they are easy to read. You will find the following types of information in these records: place name, names of persons living at the place, birth date, birth place, marital status. 

The easiest way to search for a 1941 population register is to search for the parish and then look for the 1941 population register volume in the list of volumes for that parish. The 1941 population registers are arranged alphabetically by the place name in the parish. 

While there are many column headings on the population records for 1941, information is usually only entered in a few columns such as home or apartment address or place name, land register number, person’s name, birth date, birth place and marital status. 

Below is the column heading for the 1941 population register for the parish of Larv in the county of Skaraborg followed by translations of the column headings from Swedish to English. 

Barne häradsskrivare Vol:242 (1941-1941) Image 270 / page 24 (AID: v305512.b270.s24, NAD: SE/GLA/11212)  


Hemmans eller lägenhets Home or Apartment
Jordeboks- och jordregisternamn Property owner registry book and property register number
Jordeboksnummer Property owner registry book number
Jordregisternummer Property register number
   å hele hemmanet
   Å brukningsdelen 
Tax (assessment)
   For entire home
   For used portion 
Beteckning för ägare eller brukare Indication if owner or renter
Personers Persons
Titel eller yrke Title or work (occupation)
Namn Name
Födelseår och dag Birth year and day
Födelseort (Församling) Birth place (parish)
Civilstånd Marital status
Närmast föregående mantalsskrivningsort
om nyinflyttade (inflyttad från)
The most recent place where taxes were recorded if newly
moved into this place
Bostad och postadress Living and postal address
Uppgiftsnummer Information number
Antal mantalsskrivna personer

Number of persons assessed tax

Antal under hela året sysselsatta arbetare  Number during entire year employed
Sammanlagd beräknad arbetstid for all
under del av året sysselsatt arbetskraft 
Total number of work hours for all employed during year
Anteckningar Comments
Värnpliktiga Military conscription information


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