Introduction to Swedish Passenger Ship Manifests

Passenger ship manifests for emigrants leaving from Göteborg and Malmö ports are available on ArkivDigital online. These lists include information such as the name of the ship, departure date, name of the emigrant and age and often you will find birth place or residence in Sweden and final destination.

Currently the passenger lists from Göteborg on ArkivDigital online cover the years from 1869 to 1935. You can find these in the Göteborgs poliskammare (-1900) archive.

The passenger lists from Malmö cover the years from 1874 to 1939. You can find these records the Poliskammaren i Malmö archive.

If you have access to the CD Emigranten Populär or the database Emihamn you can do a search and get the "Källkod" and use this to search in the manifests.

Search for Swedish Passenger ships manifests on ArkivDigital Online

To search for these records on ArkivDigital online, click on advanced search in the search window and select police archives and in the list you will find the following entries:
Göteborgs poliskammare (-1900)
Poliskammaren i Malmö

Image of Manifest Record


Göteborgs poliskammare (-1900) EIX:6 (1872-1872) Image 110 / page 19 (AID: v479730.b110.s19, NAD: SE/GLA/12703)

Translation of Text and Column Headers

Transcription of Swedish Text

Öfver utvandrare, som af undertecknad befordras med Ångfartyget Milo, som den 27 Jan 1872 härifrån afgår till Hull


of emigrants noted below who are transported via the steamer, Milo, on the 27th on January 1872 departing from here (Göteborg) to Hull (England).

Column Headings
Kontraktets N:o Contract Number
Utvandrarens yrke och namn Emigrant's occupation and name
Födelseort Birthplace
till län och socken County and parish
Ålder, Man, Qvinna Age, Man, Woman
Summa Total
Bestämmelseort Destination

The above manifest lists the following emigrants:

Sven Peter Widell Förlanda, Halland New York
Carl Johan Bergendahl Fotskäl, Älvsborg New York
Johannes Nilsson Blädinge, Kronoberg Chicago


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