Name Register (Släktnamnsregister)

While the church records are not searchable by name, there are a few indexed name registers. Name registers exist for the following areas:

  • Släktnamnsregister for Dalsland
  • Släktnamnsregister for Göteborg och Bohus
  • Släktnamnsregiser for Skaraborg
  • Släktnamnsregister for Värmland
  • Släktnamnsregister for Västgötadelen of Älvsborgs


These registers include name indexes for some birth, marriage, death, moving and household examination records up to 1800 for non-patronymic names. These registers can be very helpful if you are researching a person with a soldier’s name or a nonpatronymic name.

You can find these registers in ArkivDigital online by typing in “Släktnamnsregister” in the search box and click search or you can select “advanced type” and search for registers in the archive type selection.

You can open a register and search for a name. Below is an example of a name index for household examination records in Värmland. The information shown includes surname, first name and occupation, birth year, parish, volume and page number.

Family name registers

Släktnamnsregister Värmland SlReg:9 (0-1800) Image 234 / page 1918 (AID: v187545.b234.s1918, NAD: SE/GLA/75004)

In this case if you were looking for Henrik Wieveg born in 1773 living in Älvsbacka parish, you can find in the household examination for the parish of Älvsbacka in volume AI: 2 on page 89.


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