Late 1800’s Marriage Records

Below is a marriage record from the late 1800’s in Farhult parish in Malmöhus County. Many of the marriage records after 1860 are standardized similar to the record below. However, note that this is not true for all marriage records in the late 1800’s. This is a guide to what many marriage records look like in this period. In the record below the complete birth entry is shown on both the right and left side of the page. Following the record, you will find a transcription and translation for the heading and column headers. Following the column headers, you will find a bigger image of each side of the entry with a translation.

Farhult EI:4 (1861-1886) Bild 35 / sid 32 (AID: v109953.b35.s32, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)

Heading Transcription

1877 års Lysnings– och Vigsel Bok för Farhults Annex Församling

Heading Translation

1877 year’s Banns and Marriage Book for Farhult’s Annex Parish

Tip – The marriage books are usually arranged in chronological order. When searching for a marriage record the steps are:

  • Search for the marriage parish book
  • Open the marriage book and then search for the year
  • Search for the marriage record within the marriage year’s records

Column Headings  
Swedish English
Lysnings-nummer Banns Number
Lysnings- månad, dag Banns, moths, day
Fästehjonens Betrothed Couple
namn, stånd, embete, yrke, hemvist, nationalitet och trosbekännelse (om främmande) Name, position, state, occupation, nationality and faith (if foreigner)
Födelseår Birth year (of betrothed)
Hvilket gifte Which Marriage (1 means first marriage)
Vigselns (årsnummer, år, månad, dag) Marriage (year number, year, month, day)
Tillhör Adel Belong to the Nobility
Folio uti husförhörslängden Page number from household examination book
Hinderslöshet, afvittring, giftomannasamtycke m m Freedom to marry (no obstacle present), assignment of inheritance, guardian's consent for bride to marry
Serskilda anteckningar Special remarks

Translation of left page of Marriage Record

Banns number 1
Dates of Banns January 14, Januari 21, January 28 (the announcement or banns were announced three times before the marriage date)
Betrothed Couple Drängen (farm hand) Nils Andersson och (and) Pigan (maid) Sofia Nilsson, båda från (both from) N:o 1 Lönhult
Birth Year Birth year for Nils is 1849 and birth year for Sofia is 1844
Which Marriage 1 (first for both Nils and Sofia)
Marriage year No. 2 (Their marriage was the second marriage of the year in the parish in 1877)
Marriage Date 10 February 1877

Translation of right page of Marriage Record

Belongs to the nobility No entry – does not belong to the nobility
Page in household examination book On page 241 you will find more information about Nils and on page 243 about Sofia.
Notes about any marriage hindrances and who gave consent for marriage Båda personligen tillstädes: Hon myndig o eger oäkta sonen Anders Peter, född 8/4 70. Intet kändt hinder möter. (Both personally present; She (bride) of legal independence and her illegitimate son, Anders Peter, born 8 April 1870. No known obstacle or hindrance exists (for the marriage)).
Special remarks No special remarks


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