Late 1800’s Household Examination Record Example

Below is a household examination record from the parish of Farhult in the county of Malmöhus. This book covers the years 1876-1880 and records information such as names, birth dates, birth places of household members. The original purpose of these records was to record the yearly results of one’s religious understanding examinations. Each year, the records were updated to indicate births, deaths, or moves in and out of the parish.

After 1860 many of the household records were standardized as far as content. This record layout is vey common for household examination records after 1860 although you will find some variations between parishes.

Below you will see an image of the headings for a household examination record followed by the Swedish column headings with the English translation. Following the headings, you will see an extract from this particular record with a translation and explanation of the information found in the records.

Farhult AI:20 (1876-1880) Bild 67 / sid 240 (AID: v109934.b67.s240, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)

Column Headings  
Swedish English
Personernas Namn, Stånd, embete, yrke och näringsfång Person's Name, Position, state, occupation and trade
(backstugu-, inhyses- och fattighjon), Nationalitet (om främmande), lyten (svarsinta, blinda, döfstrumma) (hut-, lodger- and pauper), Nationality (if foreigner), handicap (senile, blind, deaf and dumb)
Födelse Birth
År Mån och Dag Year, Month and Day
Ort (Socken i län, stad) Place (Parish in county, city)
Äktenskap Marriage
Gift Married
Enkling eller Enka Widower or Widow
Koppor Smallpox
Flyttat Moved
Från From
(Socken i Län, stad eller pag. i Husförhörsboken) (Parish in county, City or page in Household examination book)
År, månad och dag Year, month and day
Inflyttningsattestens nummer Moving In Certificate Number
Död Death
Läser Read
Innantill Within
Luthers Kateches Lutheran Cathechism
Förklaringen Explanation
Förstår Understanding
Bevistat Förhör och Begått H.H. Nattvard Attended Examination and Received Holy Communion
F. Abbreviation for Examination
N. Abbreviation for Holy Communition
Frägd Character
och enskilda anteckningar and individual remarks
Flyttat Moved
Till To
(socken i Län, stad eller pag. i Husförhörsboken) (Parish in county, City or page in Household examination book)
År, månad och dag Year, month and day
Utflyttningsattestens nummer Moving Out Certificate Number

The above record is the left side of the household examination book. On the top line, you will see the page number, 240 and then the name of the place in the parish, No. 1 Lönhult. This is the place such as farm, village or estate where the household lives. (Note – in some household examination books, you will see multiple places on the same page.) Lines 3 thru line 7 give information about members of this household.

On line 3, you will find the head of the household, Dräng (Farmhand) Nils Andersson who was born on the 25th of December 1849. The birth date is in European format with the day above the month. He was born in the parish of Farhult and married on the 10th of February 1877. The “v” in the koppar column means that he has received the smallpox vaccination. Nils moved into this place, No. 1 Lönhult, in 1877 and he was previously living in the place that you will find on page 241 in this same household examination book.

On line 4, you will find Nils’ wife, Hustru (wife) Sofia Nilsson who was born on the 27th of March 1844 in the parish of Jonstorp. She has been vaccinated for small pox. In the moving in column for Sofia, you will find two entries. The first notes that she has moved to this place in 1877 from page 243 in the same book. Also, there is a note that she moved to this parish from the parish of Väsby in 1874. The moving in reference number is 52. If you go to the moving in book for this parish, Farhult, for the year 1874, you will find more information such as the exact date that she moved into this parish. You will find the moving in book at the following reference. Farhult B:4 (1861-1875) Image 64 / page 59 (AID: v109940.b64.s59, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)

One Line 5, you will find Hennes oäkta son (Her or Sofia’s illegitimate son), Anders Peter, born on the 8th of July in 1870 in the parish of Väsby. He was vaccinated and his moving information is the same as his mother’s noted above. The ditto marks note the same as above.

Lines 6 and 7 give information about the children that are both Nils and Sofia’s.

On line 6, you will find the entry Bådas barn (both’s children) which is an entry for the children on both line 6 and 7. Line 6 shows Alma born the 3rd of March 1877 in Farhult and she had not yet been vaccinated.

Line 7 shows Carl born on the 20th of July 1880 in the same parish as above or Farhult. He has not been vaccinated.

The above image is the right side of the household examination record. You will notice the numbers on the far right, 3-7. They correspond to the numbers on the left side of the page.

Under the section, Läser, (read), you will find the results for the examinations for Nils and Sophia. There are no entries in lines 5 thru 7 or the lines for the children because they were too young to be taking the examinations.

The exam results were noted differently by different ministers throughout Sweden. In this case the minister noted the entry "b" which means approved and "bc" means not fully approved.

You will find an entry in the “N” or communion column for the years 1877 thru 1880 for Nils and Sophia. This probably indicates what Sunday the person received Holy Communion during the year.

No special remarks are noted and there is no entry in the moving out column. Since there is no notation of the family moving out, one can assume that they are living in the same place, No. 1 Lönhult, in the subsequent household examination book. You will find the family in the subsequent book at the following reference: Farhult AI:22 (1881-1897) Image 76 / page 264a (AID: v109936.b76.s264a, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)


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