Late 1800’s Birth Record Example

Below is a birth record from the late 1800’s in Farhult parish in Malmöhus County. Many of the birth records after 1860 are standardized similar to the record below. However, note that this is not true for all birth records in the late 1800’s. This is a guide to what many birth records look like in this period. In the record below the complete birth entry is shown on both the right and left side of the page. Following the record, you will find a transcription and translation for the heading and column headers. Following the column headers, you will find a bigger image of each side of the entry with a translation.

Farhult CI:6 (1876-1888) Bild 14 / sid 12 (AID: v109948.b14.s12, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)

Heading Transcription

1877 års Födelse- och Dop-Bok för Farhults Annex Församling.

Heading Translation

1877 year’s Birth and Baptismal Book for Farhult’s Annex Parish

Tip – The birth books are usually arranged in chronological order. When searching for a birth record the steps are:

  1. Search for the birth parish book 
  2. Open the birth book and then search for the year 
  3. Search for the birth record within the birth year’s records


Column Headings
Inskrifnings-nummer Entry Number
Födelse (Månad, Dag)
Birth (Month, Day)
Döpelse (Månad, Dag) Baptism or Christening (Month, Day)
Kön (Man-, qvin-)
Sex (Male, Female)
Dopnamn Baptismal or Christening Name
Föräldrarnas Parents
namn, stånd, embete, yrke, nationalitet
och trosbekännelse (om främmande) samt
stället för nedkomsten (om ej i hemorten) 
Name, position, state, occupation, nationality
and faith (if foreigner) along with place for
below (if not in home place or parish) 
Hemvist, jemte pag. i husförhörsboken Residence, together with the page in the
household record book
Tillhör Adel Belong to the Nobility
Modrens ålder Mother's age
Förlossnings-biträde Birth Delivery Assistance
Dopvittnen Baptismal Witness
Kyrkotagning Introduction of mother into church after birth
Absolution Absolution
Serskilda anteckningar Special Remarks

Translation of left page of birth record

Farhult CI:6 page 12 left-side

Entry # 13
Birth Date March 31, 1877
Baptismal Date April 8, 1877
Sex Female Child (Entry in Female Column notes female child)
Baptism Name Alma - below there is an entry "2" which means that Alma is the second child
Parents Drängen (the farmhand) Nils Andersson och (and) Hustru (wife)
Sofia Nilsson - the notation "1" in brackets means that the parents have
been married one year or are in the first year of marriage. 
Residence No.1 Lönhult - page 240. (You will find the family on page 240 in the
corresponding household records book that includes the year, 1877, or in this
case AI:20 Household records (1876-1880)). 
Nobility There is no entry in this column so the family does not belong to the nobility

Translation of right page of Birth record

Mother's Age 33 - In this record the father's age is also shown and he is 27.
Birth Delivery Assistance Ex. (Examined)
Baptismal Witness Enka (widow) Ingrid Nilsson;
Dräng (farmhand) Per Andersson och (and) Dräng (farmhand)
Carl Andersson; alla (all) från (from) Lönhult. 
Date Mother Introduced
in Church 
6 May 1877
Absolution There is no entry
Special Remarks There is no entry


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