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Släktdata is a free online site where you will find transcription registers for many Swedish church birth, marriage and death records. While you will find transcriptions for many parishes throughout Sweden, many of the records are for parishes in the provinces of Bohuslän, Dalsland and Västergötland.

There is a link between ArkivDigital online and when there is a transcription register for a particular parish. This information is noted in the info box in the search window. You will see a link “Släktdata om ” or as in the example below “Släktdata om Örkelljunga.”

Link to Släktdata in ArkivDigital online

Click on the link and you will be directed to the page giving you a listing of registers that contain transcribed data of parish records. In this case, you will see that there are seven registers or files. The register column contains the name of the parish and then an entry F, D, V plus a number. Below are the abbreviations.

F (födelseregister) Birth Register
D (dödregister) Death Register
V (vigselregister) Marriage Register
The period column gives the dates or years that the transcription file includes. For example, the first file, Örkelljunga-F1 contains transcriptions for births for the parish, Örkelljunga in the province of Skåne, for the years 1722 to 1749.

You then click on the magnifying glass to the left of the particular register that you wish. You will then see a screen, that gi ves you options to download an excel or text file. It is recommended to download the excel file.

You can now compare the original record on ArkivDigital online with the transcription. These transcriptions can be very helpful to decipher the handwriting especially in the older records in the 1700’s or if the priest’s handwriting is not very legible.


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