1700’s Death Record Example

Below is a death record from the year 1788 in the parish of Farhult in the county of Malmöhus. Below the image you will find a transcription and a translation. In this record, the burial date is noted in the left side and the birth date is embedded in the text. The burial date is the 10th of February and the death date is the 4th of the same month.

Farhult CI:2 (1784-1823) Bild 114 / sid 112 (AID: v109944.b114.s112, NAD: SE/LLA/13079)


d:10 Feb:r

Begrofs Pehr Rÿbergs hustru Berta från
Gatugårdshus som dödde af ålderdoms bräklig-
het d:4 huius war 68 år gammal.


10th February (Burial Date) Buried Pehr Ryberg’s wife Berta from
Gatugårdshus who died of old age,
death 4th day In same month (February), was 68 years old.

This minister’s style for recording deaths was to note the burial date on the left side. The content order within the text is the deceased (in this case the deceased is preceded by spouse’s name), residence, and cause of death, death date and age of deceased.

Below is a table of Swedish words found in this death record:

Begrafs Buried
Gammal Old
Död Death
Från From
Huius (Latin) in same month
Hustru Wife
Som Who
Var Was
Ålderdoms bräcklighet Old age infirmity
År Year


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