Installation guide to install ArkivDigital online on Windows

Here you can read how to download and install ArkivDigital online on Windows.

Update to a new version: To update from an earlier version of ArkivDigital online you do not need to uninstall the previous version, but make sure that ArkivDigital online is not running and then follow the instructions below.

(all pictures below are from Windows 7 and Internet Explorer)

Begin with downloading ArkivDigital online

  • Click on the green button Download in the row for Windows and then click on Run.
    (You can also click on Save file, but then you need to find the saved file and run it yourself – select this button only if you are know how to find the file).
  • When you click on the button Download the following dialog box will appear in Internet Explorer:

  • When you clicked on Run, the installation file will be downloaded and Internet explorer will do a security scan and will show the following message. Please wait while the security scan is running:

  • When the security scan is finished you will get the following question from your computer:
    Click on Yes to install ArkivDigital online.

Continue with the installation

Now the installation program will display several dialog boxes.
To install please use Enter-key on the keyboard or click on the light-blue button in the dialog box.

  • Select English as installer language

  • Please review the license terms and then click on I Agree.

  • Click on Next to confirm the destination folder (if you want to install ArkivDigital online in another folder please click on Browse and select another folder)

  • Select the Start Menu folder and then click on Install

  • Please wait until the installation is finished...

  • Click on Finish to complete the installation

If the check box "Run ArkivDigital online" is checked then the program Arkivdigital online will start automatically and the login dialog will be displayed:

  • Enter your registered user name (email address) and your password to login:

To be able to login you need to register and buy a subscription or you can try our demo for free by enter demo both as user name and password.

Installation is now completed

You will now have a new icon on your computer desktop that you can use to start the program.

Please read the user guide to learn how to use ArkivDigital online

If you have question please send a email to our customer service



77 988 209

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