Installation guide to install ArkivDigital online on Linux

There are no special installation program for ArkivDigital online on Linux, instead download a TAR.BZ2-file and then extract the file to a directory where you want place the program.

There are two TAR.BZ2-files: one for 32-bits Linux and one for 64-bits Linux. Which file should I use?

For 32 bits Linux download arkivdigital-online-linux32-1.4.4-r813.tar.bz2
For 64 bits Linux download arkivdigital-online-linux64-1.4.4-r813.tar.bz2

Extract the TAR.BZ2-file in the file manager, which will create a directory with similar name. In the directory you find find the program Arkivdigital-online, double-click on this file to start ArkivDigital online.

User guide

Please read the user guide to learn how to use ArkivDigital online

If you have question please send a email to our customer service

Which file should I use?

Open a terminal window and type the following command:

uname -m

If the result is i386, i686 or similar you should download and extract ArkivDigital online Linux 32-bits.

If the result is x86_64 or something ending with 64 you should download and extract ArkivDigital online Linux 64-bits.

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